What fertilizer should I use on my Plumerias?

You may fertilize the plant with a general-purpose fertilizer or use a fertilizer high in Phosphorus (middle number) water soluble mix to promote more branches and more blooms. Fertilize your Plumeria during the growing season.

Should I use a packaged soil or mix my own soil to plant my Plumerias?

Plumerias are heavy feeders who need very good drainage. Choose a well-draining soil mix that retains plenty of moisture, yet also allows excess water to drain within minutes. A good soil mix
has plenty of nutrients to encourage branch growth and healthy blossoms. You can mix your own or try porous sandy potting soil or packaged cactus soil.

How large can my Plumeria get?

Nurture a Plumeria with lots of sunlight and enough water and nutrients for best results. Plumeria trees grow well in pots and the size of the planting pot will limit the size of your Plumeria. You can transfer the plant to a larger pot to see it grow further when given more root space. In the ground, it grows as a spreading tree as large as 25 feet high and wide in some areas.

How much water should I give my Plumerias?

Before watering, check the soil for moisture. If the top few inches feel dry, give it water. Plumerias are susceptible to rot in moist soil, which is why they need well-draining soil mix to
avoid wet roots. In the winter, make sure it is completely dry before watering again.

Why are my leaves falling off my Plumerias?

Plumeria trees lose their leaves in the winter. The leaves will return in the spring.

Can my plumeria plant freeze?

The plumeria has no frost tolerance – you must protect it from freezing. They don’t like temperatures below 40 degrees. Protect your plumeria by keeping it warm enough each winter. After storing Plumerias for winter, gradually expose the tree to more light before returning outside for summer.

Do Plumerias go dormant in the winter?

A Plumeria tree naturally goes dormant for the winter and returns to bloom in the spring.

What should I do if my cutting looks rotted on the bottom?

You may be able to save your Plumeria despite rotting. You must find a healthy spot to re-start this cutting, so start at the bottom and test cut sections until you find clean, healthy white pulp. From this point, complete the fresh cutting. Dip the fresh cutting into a rooting hormone and let it sit for a week before re-potting in proper soil with good drainage. To prevent Plumeria root mold, keep the tree base clean by removing leaves, ensure proper water drainage and do not over-water.

Do Plumeria need lots of sunlight?

Plumerias thrive in direct sunlight, 6-8 hours is recommended with temperatures between 60-90 F.

How long do plumerias bloom?

A delicate Plumeria flower does not last long, however its lovely tree will generally bloom from April to November producing fresh blooms and pods of flowers.

How high maintenance is growing the plumeria?

Compared to many other plants, the Plumeria is low-maintenance. Its size you can dictate by its pot. Most important is proper soil and lots of sunshine, though the Plumeria will grow in partial shade and in various conditions above 40 degrees.